About MindMush Research Labs

MindMush Research Labs the optimum provider of next level problem-solving solutions, for both personal and commercial purposes.

Using cutting edge technology, including Remote Viewing, we can partner in life-changing decisions that will have a significant impact on your lifestyle or business outcomes.

MindMush Research Labs has two specific areas of focus; Personal Development and Commercial Solutions, each interconnected through our next level problem-solving expertise.


Professional Solutions

MindMush Research Lab’s next level problem-solving solutions can be tailor-made for all types of businesses, whether small, medium, large Corporates or Government Entities.

This may encompass specific outcomes such as Corporate Culture, Vision and Values or more targeted issues that are peculiar to the Entity involved.

There are several phases involved. These include:

  • Initial consultation and goal setting
  • Formulating an appropriate problem-solving strategy in accordance with the client’s project scope requirements
  • Undertake and complete the Professional Remote Viewing project work
  • Engage in final data analysis and additional research if required
  • Write and present the final report to the client


Personal Problem Solving

Whether you want to opt for a healthier lifestyle or focus on how to achieve new life goals, MindMush can cater to your needs.

This may be in the form of undertaking the complete project management process, proving you with the optimal solution or you may want to become involved in the project by learning the Remote Viewing techniques through our online web-based Learning Centre.

Our Website will provide you with the necessary educational tools including:

· Online tutorials and course study material

· Articles and links on Professional Remote Viewing projects

· Practice Targets


Our People


Morgan A. Farrell

Co-founder of MindMush Research Labs LTD

World-leading teacher of Remote Viewing (RV), Morgan began studying Controlled Remote Viewing in 2011, and the following year, began formal training in the Learn Remote Viewing (RV) method. He was personally vetted, assessed, and trained by first-generation remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames (US Army, ret.).

In the interest of continued learning, Morgan has since studied additional disciplines and applications, including associative remote viewing (ARV), extended remote viewing (ERV), and technical dowsing (TD).



Jason Webb

Director / Co-Founder of MindMush Research Labs LTD


20+ years' experience in the Maritime Electronics industry as a technician, project management, design manager. Specializing in systems design and problem-solving across many types of different areas including Radio, subsea acoustics, GPS navigation. His expertise covers many industries such as private, business, government and military.  A Remote Viewing problem-solving specialist.

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