Case Study

MindMush Professional Services – Case Study


03/08/2017 | 7 minutes

In this example, a client was having difficulty in defining what products they should be marketing in another country where one of their business partners resided.

They understood that local knowledge would be an advantage; however, the question was; what product or services would provide the optimal return on their investment?

The client had already undertaken the usual business case study on a number of possible product offerings, with no real tangible benefits to be seen.

The client had read about MindMush’s Professional Services and thought it would be worthwhile to get a second opinion. The result was that MindMush was tasked to find a product or products that could be introduced into this market.


MindMush were given a brief and in turn called on one of their Remote Viewing (RV) professionals to help in developing the framework for the project, including the formulation of the questions for the Remote Viewing (RV) team.


The key questions were:

1. What was the optimum product to be exported?

2. What was the optimum distribution channel for this product?

3. What was the optimum target market for the product?


The Remote Viewing team got to work and came up with the following answers:

What product should be exported?

The first Remote Viewing was completed. After some intermediary work, the result was ‘Grass’! The data was again thoroughly integrated with further analysis suggesting the product was processed and revealed some type of superfood.

The business partner confirmed that there was a growing market in the health food sector.

The first question of an optimal product to export had been answered.


Question 2

What was the best distribution channel for the product?

The business partner was identified as being the person how could distribute the product.

They had the local knowledge that could build a distribution network in their market and they would also handle the marketing.


Question 3

What was the optimal target market for the product?

The result of the Remote Viewing (RV) session was interesting as one set of results for Target Market seemed to indicate Young Singles. The other data showed a slightly different result. That session clearly revealed a person at a desk doing something and slouched back, like a lazy person. The result we concluded was that it was a ‘Gamer’. We decided that there were a couple of target markets, Gamers were top and the other session results were Young Singles.



From the MindMush Remote Viewing work carried out, the client was able to obtain the following solutions:

• The best product to export was powdered Superfoods

• The optimum distribution channel was through their overseas business partner.

• The target demographics were Gamers and Young Singles

The client was able to write a business plan in conjunction with their offshore business partner to launch their new product portfolio into the market.

The above is a good example of how you can use MindMush Business Professional Services in your business.


MindMush Professional Services can add value to other areas of your business, in fact the opportunities are limitless.