Morgan A. Farrell - Professional RV Teacher

Morgan RV Pro Teacher

01/01/2018 | 2 minutes

World leading teacher of Remote Viewing (RV) and other advanced problem solving tools, Morgan is a professional remote viewer who was personally vetted, assessed, and trained by  first generation remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames (US Army, ret.).  He is one of only a handful of professionals worldwide endorsed as a LearnRV instructor.


Morgan’s mission is to provide world-class remote viewing training and services to discerning clients, with the utmost professionalism, and a deep understanding of the mind-body process that is remote viewing.  Morgan has consulted in scores of public and private RV projects for both individuals and organizations, and has trained many students with impressive results.


Morgan’s Teaching Experience covers

TRV- Technical Remote Viewing

TD - Technical Dowsing

ARV – Associative Remote Viewing

ERV – Extended Remote Viewing


Morgan began studying CRV in 2011, and the following year, began formal training in the LearnRV method. Shortly after, he was accepted as a professional development student by Major Ed Dames (US Army, ret.), receiving the rare honor of an instructor-level endorsement, and launching his professional career as a remote viewer.


In the interest of continued learning, Morgan has since studied additional disciplines and applications, including associative remote viewing (ARV), extended remote viewing (ERV), and technical dowsing (TD).


“The application of these protocols and methodologies has had a profound effect on me, personally. Since glimpsing the true power and ability of my own mind, I have dedicated myself to sharing this experience with as many others as possible. I take great personal satisfaction helping people solve real-world problems on a regular basis, but most enjoyable to me is seeing firsthand as a new student has their own “WOW!” moment of understanding.”


In addition to the advancement and proliferation of remote viewing and associated advanced perceptual technologies, Morgan’s interests include music (guitar, bass guitar, drums, etc.) and music production, geopolitics, and theoretical physics.


  - Morgan A. Farrell





"RV training with Morgan Farrel was a tremendous experience. Via Skype, Morgan would check if I was handling every steps of the RV process correctly. He would send me home work to practice and would review my work before each session to catch any little signs to help me improving and not getting into "bad habits". Morgan's training led me very rapidely to hit the targets. Working with him was fun, efficient and inspiring. Therefor I can only highly recommand anyone who wants to learn RV to get private RV lessons with Morgan. he is the Man!!!"

valms, France


Since 2014 I'd worked with Morgan a few times commissioning him as a professional RV'er to provide data on targets that were important to me at the time and I've been incredibly impressed with just how thorough and accurate he has been - It's been life changing stuff for me on a personal level. Since then I've been practicing RV in 3 month spells on and off but became disheartened when the mediocre data & sketching accuracy didn't seem to improve at all.

In November 2017 Morgan agreed to offer some training and after a couple of practice sessions he advised we move onto higher level TRV prompts which has lead me to advance my skills well beyond the level I was at whilst practicing on my own. He gave one or two lessons per week by email, I then would run the blind TRNs he provided and pretty much instantly saw an improvement in the data over sessions I'd run previously - for the first time I could see I was consistently on target. Morgan provided interesting, varied, often enigmatic, mysterious target sets that I found fascinating to view and analyse once feedback was revealed.

We caught up via Skype to review sessions together and it was great being able to bounce questions of him and hear his professional-level explanations & relevant anecdotes having worked with so many other great viewers. All absolute gold to me as a student. We did a month of online training and I now have the tools to investigate target sets much more deeply than I ever imagined. I highly recommend Morgan as an RV teacher (and RV professional in general) - his easy going manner and flexible working style makes the whole process a real pleasure.

James, U.K.


I had completed the learnRV DVD training course but I was not sure I had a grasp on how to conduct a session properly. I looked for an RV teacher who could help me move up a level and capture any bad habits I had formed. I contacted a few RV trainers but they seemed to have disappeared or did no offer a live Skype type of training method. I then found Morgan on a website and he was quoted as a certified teacher. I contacted him and we had an initial discussion. The training worked out at 2-3 Skypes per week for an hour or two each plus my homework. All I needed to do was obtain a second webcam so I could have one pointing over my desk and Morgan could see me working through a session. I was very happy with this option so I engaged Morgan for the work and it was the best choice I could have made. Morgan took me from a fledgling through the beginner to intermediate ranks of RV.
I highly recommend Morgan for his astute attitude toward Remote Viewing teaching but having a laid back nature and easy to get on with.
Jason, NZ