Please Elon: Don’t Plug Yourself In!


27/09/2019 | 4 minutes

Elon Musk: easily one of the top tech gurus of our time, a visionary who is defying the mainstream to press ahead with the development of more efficient and alternative means of energy production, space and earth transport, enhanced human capabilities, and much more. But more importantly, his vision remains steadfastly pro-human. Make no mistake, Elon Musk is one of the “good guys”.

As part of a larger, third-party project, the target “Elon Musk’s death” was tasked to one of our viewers. It is important to note that all projects worked by MindMush remote viewers are conducted using “blind” protocol: the remote viewer is unaware of the nature of their intended target until after all RV work has been completed. The target is presented to the viewer as nothing more than a project or target reference number.

Since RV appears to operate outside of time, the ability to project an individual’s death trajectory is well within a remote viewer’s regular scope of work. However, by divulging such information to an individual, the determined outcome may well be avoided by that individual taking active steps away from the identified trajectory. In such a case, were a remote viewer to re-run the subject’s “death target”, the results would (likely) not be the same. Hence, the future is not (entirely, at least) set in stone.

It was our own MindMush co-founder and professional remote viewer who conducted the blind RV session. His comments follow:


Quote From Morgan Farrell:

“This was a very interesting session. First, there are a few items to note: it is important to bear in mind that my work was conducted under standard "blind" remote viewing protocol; that is to say that I had absolutely no knowledge of the nature of the target until after the RV session was complete. The work was performed in mid-2017.

Simply put, the session results seem to indicate that the subject will perish in an attempted interfacing with some sort of neuro-cognitive enhancement device, culminating in an apparent input overload. Said input overload could potentially be electrical in nature, or possibly the result of (an)other stimuli - this remains unspecified in the session data.

Needless to say, I was rather shocked when the intended target was revealed to me post-session. Prior to this, it was quite apparent what I had described in-session. However, this gained an entirely new level of relevancy when I learned the context (the intended target) of the information I had uncovered.

I have thought a lot about this in the meantime, and I believe that this information should be made public, if nothing else, to serve as a potential warning to Mr. Musk, for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect, and whom I believe to be, ultimately, one of the “good guys” in this strange and deceptive world in which we find ourselves. And also, I believe it could serve as a precautionary tale with regard to the larger trans-humanist / cybernetic augmentation movement."



Logically, it could be inferred that the incident in question has some relationship to Elon’s personal research, development, and experimentation with his Neuralink company’s (as yet unrealized) technology.

Conceptually, this technology operates somewhat similarly to remote viewing, albeit in a more technological fashion. By using a type of physical interface system integrated with computers, this so-called “neural lace” technology would be used to open up and augment mental bandwidth, helping us to access our mind's enormously powerful processing capabilities.

All things considered, this technology, or something like it, is the most likely candidate for what was described in the remote viewing session.


Team MindMush

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