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Selling Grass! RV business - Case Study


03/08/2017 | 7 minutes

However you chose to adopt Remote Viewing it is certainly a helpful tool. I used the MindMush Business Remote Viewing to give me a helping hand for my business direction.

I was as curious as you to see how these Advanced Perceptual Technologies would work.

The MindMush Business Remote viewing gives an absolute response to the question you ask. If you ask a vague question you will get a ‘fluffy’ response. If you ask a very specific question, in turn your answer will be very specific.

So let’s see how this worked for me.

I have a business that was importing some marine products and selling locally, but I wanted to export some local product to my business partner who lives in Asia. I really had no idea what I should be exporting. Should I try local products like honey, wool, dairy or meat? I was stumped. Traditionally, I should conduct some extended market research, collect data and decide on suitable products. The challenge is  that can come at a heavy cost and be very time consuming.


So I turned to Remote Viewing for a helping hand and guidance. With the Help of the MindMush pro teacher we formulated some MindMush Remote Viewing questions;


  1. What is the optimum product my business should export?

  2. What is the optimum distribution channel for this product?

  3. What is the optimum target market for the product?

I am what you would call a beginner-intermediate MindMush Remote Viewer. If I put the glass of wine aside for an evening and focus I can get some clean data results.


What product should I export?

So, I completed the first question using Remote Viewing. After some intermediary work I came to a final result ‘Grass’! I was somewhat confused why I should be selling grass. In my session I had drawn some strange equipment and I had things like seaweed, grass, fish eggs, etc..

I also contracted the MindMush RV pro Morgan Farrell to assist with backup session work. Engaging more than one person (especially a pro) boosts your feedback tremendously when problem solving a project.  As Morgan is a pros pro he only needed to work through a shorter part of the Remote Viewing to get the same clarity of data output. He too had what looks like grass, but his was more like seaweed and he also noted the word ‘lichen’.

Morgan ’s session pic


C:UsersuserDocumentsMindMushArticlesJW Business DirectionMF Session Seaweed.PNG

Our initial Skype session concluded the result was some sort of grass or seaweed but overall was in the category of ‘foods’

In my first session I also drew some sort of processing machine. So I jumped onto google and searched for grass processing machine. I thought maybe I needed to sell hay or something else.

The first video I came across on YouTube had the exact machine I had drawn in my session. This was a wheatgrass processing machine.

My Remote Viewing Drawing of a machine


C:UsersuserDocumentsMindMushArticlesJW Business Directionwhatgrass powder grinding Sesson Work.PNG

The first video I came across on youtube related to grass processing.

C:UsersuserDocumentsMindMushArticlesJW Business Directionwhatgrass powder grinding.png


So it was at this stage I realized I had the ‘aha’ moment. The product we were looking for was powdered grass, powdered seaweed. In other words ‘powdered superfoods’. Then I remembered my business partner previously talking about the growth in superfoods and the words chlorella, Iodine and spirulina came to mind.

So it appeared the first question of an optimal product had been answered.

Question 2.

What is the best distribution channel or the product?

I completed the RV session for optimal distribution channel as I wanted to see what sort of dealer or perhaps internet shop I would distribute through. My session work showed someone packing boxes!. Not really a game changer but I had female and caregiver as attributes to this session.

So then I had the ‘Dah!’ moment. This remote viewing session was describing my business partner. She is currently caregiver for her parents and she has spare time to package and ship the goods!

I felt a little silly not have thought of this and realized I asked the wrong Remote Viewing question. So it could be a good idea to revisit this question later on if I need to. Perhaps look at optimum ‘dealers’

This shows you that the question is just as important as the Remote Viewing results.

Question 3.

What is the optimal target market for the product?

My RV session was interesting as my results for target market seemed to indicate younger singles. The MindMush pro Morgan once again helped me but he showed a slightly different result. His session clearly shows a person at a desk doing something and slouched back like a lazy person. The result we concluded from the work was that this was a ‘gamer’. So we decided that there were a couple of target markets, gamers were top and my session result of young singles was next.


Morgan Farrell’s ‘Gamer’

C:UsersuserDocumentsMindMushArticlesJW Business DirectionGamer in Chare MF Session.PNG



From this MindMush Remote Viewing work I was able to obtain (with backup from Morgan) the following;

  • The best product to export was powdered superfoods

  • The optimum distribution channel is my business partner (obvious!)

  • The target demographics is gamers and young singles

I could conduct further follow on work but I believe I can leave this to my business partner to find the best way to market and distribute the product in her country.

That’s just one way you can use the MindMush Remote Viewing for everyday business purposes. I wonder how else I can use this in other areas of my business?

I have included some other ‘snips’ from the Remote Viewing work below.

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Jason @ NZDOT