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At MindMush we have a talented group of professional Remote Viewers. Many hundreds of commercial projects have seen us maximize proficiency in understanding the nuances of our clients’ diverse set of requirements and tailoring of these highly specialized projects into successful, actionable outcomes. We would be happy to provide an initial consultation and cost estimate for your Remote Viewing project free of charge. We are here to help - please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Please note that MindMush Remote Viewing projects begin at $1395USD per research unit (RU).

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Phases of a MindMush Remote Viewing Project
1. Initial discussion to determine the project and make sure there is a clear understanding as to what work we will undertake and the type of result you should expect.
2. Formulate an appropriate problem-solving strategy and project scope to fulfill the client’s requirements.
3. Complete the Remote Viewing project work with two or more professional remote viewers.
4. Engage in data analysis and determine whether additional RV work is required. Execute additional RV session work as necessary.
5. Engage in final data analysis and supplemental / supporting research (as required).
6. Write final report to client.
7. Take Action! Information is useless if you do not take action on the results!