MindMush Research Labs Professional Services

MindMush Research Labs offers the commercial sector specialist next level problem-solving solutions using advanced Remote Viewing data gathering techniques.

We have a talented group of Professional Remote Viewers who collectively can gather and interpret specific data that will provide tangible benefits to your business.


Every business has unique areas that require a different approach to problem-solving. Traditional methods may not have fully provided a solution, whereas our methodology may identify a different set of issues and provide a more positive outcome.

Our commercial services operation can be tailored made to suit your individual requirements and we would be happy to provide an initial consultation and cost estimate for your project free of charge.


There are various phases involved in a company project and set out below is an overview of the MindMush process:

  • Client and MindMush determine the project scope and ensuring there is a complete understanding by both parties as to what work we will undertake and the type of results you should expect
  • Formulate the appropriate problem-solving strategy to fulfill the client’s requirements
  • Appoint a Customer Relationship Manager to act as a conduit between MindMush and the client
  • A Project Manager will commence the Remote Viewing data management process with at least two professional Remote Viewers
  • Review and discuss the data analysis to determine if any additional data gathering is required. If necessary, instigate and review the additional data
  • Compile a comprehensive report for the client and suggested recommendations
  • Client to implement changes to the current business model


Jason Webb

Director / Co-founder

MindMush Research Labs LTD | MindMush Research Labs LLC

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